Andis professional Hair Clippers & Trimmers for the Barber, Salon or Home!


Andis hair Grooming tools have been renowned for their compact, tough and highly effective products since their creation in 1921. The fine quality of these trade standard clippers and Trimmers is what gives them their name - Andis have designed them to endure the rigours of the professional environment.

Known throughout the barbering and salon worlds as being producers of dependable clippers and trimmers, you know you are using a hair tool that will deliver great results time after time! Andis owe their success and growth to these products, and you can benefit from them too by enjoying the superb finish that can be acheived!

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty clipper, detailing trimmer or tramliner, Andis should be considered high on your list, producing superb tools for those who need that extra level of quality.

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