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BIO-BOOSTER massage footwear makes a perfect unisex gift, together in a footshaped carry bag, with 250ml refreshing Peppermint & Lime Foot Wash and a rasp.



What are Bio-Boosters? 

Bio-Boosters are the latest in 21st century foot health technology. Designed to look like simple slip-slop shoes, the health benefits Bio-Boosters deliver to the wearer are fantastic. Bio-Boosters have a texturised polymer inner pad to support the foot resulting in the wearer walking on a cushion of air .

What are the benefits of Bio-Boosters?

Man is designed to walk barefoot across grassy plains, not to pound on concrete for mile after mile. Without shock absorbers, concrete’s unforgiving surface can be the cause of back and joint injuries, as well as wear and tear on ankles, knees and hips. The cushion of air provided by the Bio-Boosters™ unique technology soothes over-worked muscles, supports the joints and improves posture at every step. The texturised pads gently exfoliate away hard skin, keeping feet smooth whilst boosting circulation, benefiting not only feet but the whole body. Bio-Boosters ‘cushion of air technology’ also breathes air around the foot whilst walking, helping to banish trainer-related ‘nasties’ such as smelly feet and athletes foot, which thrive in the humid, airless conditions of the average trainer shoe.

Interesting fact: Children have a layer of fatty tissue on their soles to cushion them from sharp objects and protect growing joints, but as they age the fatty layer diminishes and feet become more sensitive to the differences in texture underfoot.  Hard floors impact more on the ball of the foot and we become very susceptible to aching feet. Wearing Bio-Boosters at the end of a long hard day caresses and stimulates the base of the feet, rejuvenating and refreshing both body and soul. (as well as the sole!)

How can Bio-Boosters aid in relaxation?

With feet encased in leather day after day, we are denied the primal pleasure of feeling texture underfoot, that feeling of relaxation and ‘letting go’ experienced when kicking off shoes and walking barefoot on the sand or across cool grass.   Bio-Boosters re-create the carefree sensory experience of walking in bare feet.

Are Bio-Boosters useful for reflexology?

Yes! Reflexology teaches that every organ in the body has a nerve ending in the feet. Bio-Boosters have unique Pimple Grip soles intended to massage and stimulate these acupressure points whilst walking. When walking on Pimple Grip soles, the whole body is massaged and stimulated to function more efficiently. In addition, the between-the-toes grip exercises the toes whilst walking and helps to improve muscle tone in both feet and ankles.

Where do I wear my Bio-Boosters?

Anywhere! Light and easy to pack, these go anywhere shoes are washable, durable and hard-wearing.  Ideal for both men and women they represent the very latest in foot health technology. Bio-Boosters are the safest of poolside & spa shoes. The texturised inner pads are self-draining, helping keep the base of the foot dry, preventing it from slipping around whilst the unique Pimple Grip sole, with it’s sucker end pimples, emulates modern tyre tread technology in wet conditions allowing safe and confident walking on slippery, wet surfaces.

What about sizes? 

Bio-Boosters come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large which equate to european sizes 38, 41 & 44 ensuring that Bio-Boosters accomodate the average sizes for both men and women. A perfect unisex product, in their smart PP packaging Bio-Boosters make a great gift for the person that has everthing!

Companion products

Part of an integrated foot care package which includes other OPAL LONDON footcare products such as the Peppermint and Lime Foot Wash(ref 2021), the Peppermint Foot Gel (ref 2011) and the new peppermint foot scrub (ref 2022) to stimulate and soothe weary feet making Bio-Boosters an integral part of total foot health.

OPAL LONDON Bio-Booster products

Bio-Boosters ref:1057/8/9 – sml/m/lg .slip slop sandals with uniquely engineered hard wearing texturised polymer inner pads provide stimulating cushions designed to support, massage and exfoliate the base of the feet.

Bio-Booster foot repair kit ref:4076 –lots you’ll need for total foot health - Bio-Boosters, a foot rasp and peppermint and lime foot wash all in a handy carry case.



Product Code: OPAL-4076-M

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