Balmain Hair Extensions are the UK's favourite brand for hair extensions!


Have you been looking for a quick 'do it yourself' hair extension system with no long term bonding? Then you have found it. These Balmain Paris clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of colours which can be perfectly matched with your own hair and are easy to attach. The hair extensions below feel just like your own hair, have body and blend with your natural hair beautifully. Balmain clip-in extensions give you longer hair, lowlights, highlights or added volume or colour without having to use chemicals.

Balmain Paris cover a wide range of hair extensions from synthetic styleable fake hair to 100% human hair extensions. These clip-in extensions also include colour fringe additions, sheer length extensions to complete extensions to add as much hair as you will ever need. Which ever Balmain product you choose they really are the most simple, quick and easy way to having the most beautiful hair.

All these Balmain clip-in extentions save you time and money! They are quick and easy to apply...that's a promise!


Extensions are connected with micro clips that are very small and unnoticeable when clipped in. You can even brush over them they are so tough! The Balmain Paris clip in extensions will remain in place as long as you require them. These hair extensions can be changed in seconds using the revolutionary clips and will not damage your own hair in any way, shape or form. Browse the great range of Balmain clip-in hair extensions below which you can buy today!

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