Forfex Quality Hairdressin Clippers and trimmers

Forfex by Babyliss Pro

Utilizing the highest in component quality and ergonomic design, Babyliss Pro forfex hair trimmers and Babyliss  Pro Forfex hair clippers are both reliable and stylish hair trimming tools. 

Forfex by Babyliss Pro produce hair trimming tools suitable for use in both the trade environment and the home alike.

Forfex pro hair trimmer products such as the Palm Pro trimmer set offer quiet, smooth operation and easy to grip shape and design, while the Forfex Pro cord/cordless clipper and hair trimming set give a diverse and comprehensive way of grading and shaping hair.

We have a variety of Forfex hair trimming products below for you to browse and purchase. 

Set out below are some of the amazing Forfex hair tools available to buy today including pro nose and ear trimmer, steel hair scissors, cordless hair trimmer set and a neck brush.

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