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D:Fi products and culture are all about bringing out the individual spirit in everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are old, young or somewhere in between. If you are fascinated by pop culture, the power of change and energy of youth, then we invite you to try the products and spend a little time “re-inventing” yourself.

The name d:fi was originally born out of the word modify. The concept was to create a simple line of products that encouraged modification of one’s look, one’s attitude, one environment, and most importantly the perceptions of others. As users embraced the products, the name d:fi started to be connected to the word defiant. Not anger filled defiance, rather, the sentiment that questions the norm and begs to re-evaluate the status quo. We feel that this is a wonderful evolution.

So as you go forward in life, we encourage you to d:fi stereotypes, d:fi homogenization. D:fi the status quo. D:fi who you are today and become the person you want to be tomorrow, Most importantly...have fun with who you are and don’t take things too seriously.

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