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In 2003, FHI HEAT, Inc. entered into an exclusive partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of professional ceramic flat irons to create the "FHI Heat" brand of ceramic flat irons. Working with the top engineers and researchers in South Korea, FHI HEAT has invested millions in R&D each year to pioneer the most advanced technologies in thermal styling tools. Since its introduction,FHI HEAT quickly developed a reputation in the professional beauty industry for producing the most innovative and best performing styling irons on the market. In the last five years, FHI HEAT has expanded into a full line of hair styling products including flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, wireless heat razors, ionic brushes, carbon combs, heat conditioning products, chemical straightening systems, clips and other hair accessories. With the retail prices of its styling irons and blow dryers being affordable, FHI HEAT products compete at the top end of the luxury hair appliance market and are sold in the country's most premiere salons yet are realistic purchases for those wishing to use in the home too!

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