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Calm and relaxed babyCalm and relaxed baby

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Even babies experience stress and fatigue resulting in an inability to sleep that may cause irritability for both infant and parent.

HoMedics offer a Spa Sound Machine which is designed to create a perfect sleeping environment for infants and toddlers. It emits six soothing sounds from nature including the sounds of the ocean, rain falling or a cascading waterfall amongst others which provide a soothing and tranquil setting. The sounds eliminate background noises which are distracting for an infant. These sounds help them relax and fall asleep faster, and they will ensure a deep and satisfying sleep which results in them waking feeling refreshed and well rested.

Infants are lulled to sleep by the rhythmic comforting environment it provides which is caused by the repetitive sounds of nature and can be taken with you on your travels, ensuring your trip is not compromised by an irritable infant.

HoMedics offers your baby another product called the Lullaby Sound Machine which has an added benefit of a picture projection. This machine emits soothing sounds as well as rotating images and has been designed to ease them to sleep without the stress associated with bedtime. The lullabies include the ever popular ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as well as natural sounds like that of a heartbeat, the ocean and rain while the rotating pictures projected onto the ceiling are of fish, animals, the moon and the stars.

There is an auto timer and volume and visual controls which adjust the brightness of the pictures and it is small and portable, easy to use is presented in a very attractive casing.

Heated rollers are cool

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Not too many years ago when hair was long and had to be wavy and flowing, a set of heated rollers was mandatory in order to achieve the ‘look’. Today heated rollers are back in vogue, but they are better, more refined and less damaging to our hair.

One such product is constructed of ceramic Hot Sticks. This hot styling kit comes in two sizes; large and medium size Hot Sticks. Each set offers a different result whether you want curls or soft waves. The result is long lasting style.

Ceramic spread heat evenly which causes less harm to your hair and it heats up quickly, no more waiting around when you are raring to go. These Hot Sticks are safe too as they have a cool tip so that you don’t burn your fingers.

Other heated hair products available come in the more identifiable rollers. Today they guarantee ‘non frizz’ results. Just as the Hot Sticks offered cool tips, rollers today offer cool rims as well as two heat settings allowing gentle styling. A professional set of heated rollers would usually consist of 30 rollers in various sizes with matching clips that hold them in place.

There are also sets available which offer 20 heated rollers and matching clips. A good set of heated rollers should offer different heat settings as well as a power light and colour coding which offer easy identification of the various size rollers – Jumbo, Large, Medium and small. Each size of roller is designed for various hair lengths and offer a different styling result.

Happier Hair Removal

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

While hair is said to be our ‘crowning glory’, facial hair, underarm hair, bikini line and leg hair needs to be removed if we want to present ourselves to the world, beautifully and elegantly.

Not that long ago the only option available for removing unwanted hair was to shave which often resulted in cuts and scrapes and then scars and scabs. Thankfully today there are other options which are designed to leave our skin soft, smooth, hair free and silky for up to 6 weeks.

Once such product is an Epilator. An epilator has two opposing rotating heads which stretch the skin whilst removing the hair. There are 36 tweezers contained in these heads which can get to even the shortest hairs, and with its two settings it is designed for use on legs, underarms and bikini areas. Best of all the results last longer than shaving and over time the hair re-growth becomes finer and weaker, making it even easier to remove.

If an Epilator does not appeal to you then you may want to try an Electrolysis Hair Removal System. This product can be used at home, safely and easily and you no longer have to spend hours at a salon. A very small electrical current passed through the hair follicle which removes the hair, permanently. This system comes with four different patches which target different areas of the body, legs, face, underarms and bikini.

Or perhaps you still prefer to shave? The Phillips Lady shaver will give you the results you want without the scrapes and cuts. This shaver cuts closely and as it contains a hypoallergenic foil which prevents any skin irritation, it will not cause rashes and it can be used in the shower.

RockAholic Dry Shampoo is here!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

From the TIGI RockAholic Range,

DIRTY SECRET – Dry Shampoo!

(Yes, its soooooo good, we had to write about it on our blog!)

Tigi Rockaholic, Dry shampoo

Yes, you heard it too… “Dry” Shampoo! Thanks to TIGI now you can finally have clean hair and that clean feeling with you anywhere, anytime!

Dirty Secret – Dry Shampoo will be Perfect to take with when going camping, to music festivals or even on a day out where you might get dry hair!

When the Tigi dry shampoo landed at Just Beautifully HQ, we couldnt understand how something like this could be any good, so we put it to the test with all the staff, from the Managing Director and Hair Stylists to the Customer Services Girls (thanks to Chloe & Eve especially) and the warehouse staff…

First of all (and most importantly) we found that it’s very quick and really easy to use, Secondly, it actually works…. very well too! All you need to do, is just spray it at the roots of your hair, which absorbs any oils that cause griesiness and makes your hair smell fresh, Instantly. tigi say it can help ‘keep it rockin’ one more night.’ We all agree, that this stuff is so funktabulous!

Overall we believe that the the Tigi Dry Shampoo is a spray that is finely textured, so that you dont need to wash your hair so often. Not only that, but it can help to save your hair from heat styling damage and colour loss too.

It’s a formula that won’t show on clothes or pillowcases, and will keep your hair rocking all night long!!!

Thumbs Up from

Thumbs Up from us!

To View the Dirty Secret – Dry shampoo click here.

For the whole TIGI RockAholic range click here!



Hair is an extension of who you are

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

What woman hasn’t dreamt of long flowing hair, cascading down her back, shining and beautiful? But the dream often remains just that, a dream.

With today’s technology it is possible to fulfill that dream with the aid of hair extensions. It is possible for any woman to achieve the look she yearns for, whether it is long straight and shiny hair or styled, wavy and full of body. Balmain hair extensions are just one solution so many women are looking for.

Balmain hair extensions are made of 100% human hair which are bonded onto your natural hair, once bonded they become permanent extensions, only needing minimum maintenance but adding lustre and length, enhancing your natural beauty.

Perhaps you are only looking to wow someone for one night, well Balmain hair extensions are also offered in a variety that can be clipped onto your natural hair whenever you want, without the help of professionals. They are easy to clip in and take out and once in, they blend in so perfectly that nobody will be able to tell that your flowing hair is not your own.

All Balmain hiar extensions can be styled the same as you would your natural hair, they are not affected by moisture or humidity, and will not frizz or loose their lustre from the use of heating appliances.

Balmain also offers fill-in extensions which add body and volume to your natural hair. Once in place, nobody would ever believe that your hair was anything but thick and beautiful.

Professional hair products, at home

Monday, May 25th, 2009

One of the reasons we love visiting our hairdresser is because afterwards our hair feels soft and bouncy and the normal kinks and unruliness seems to disappear we have hair which is well behaved. The reason for this is the products that our hairdresser’s use.

But today it is easy to buy professional hair products for use at home; with Just Beautifully it is effortless to gain the benefits a salon quality product can offer your hair.

The list is endless, Smoothing Creams, Balms and Straightening products we know give us well behaved, silky hair. What these products do is relax heavy curls and allow us to stretch them out, they also eliminate frizzy hair. It is as simple as applying to damp hair from the roots up and then blow drying, or styling our hair the way we choose thereafter. Your hair will be shiny, and straight!

Many salons make use of Enhancers, from Shine Enhancers to Curl Enhancers. Shine Enhancers contain specific oils which create the shine and is as easy as applying to damp hair before drying or styling.

Curl Enhancers are perfect for the woman who wants lovely bouncy curls but none of the frizz! They define and separate your natural curls while adding volume to your hair, amplifying your waves. The contain protectants against the elements, such as heat, so that when drying, your hair will be protected from heat damage and will remain shiny and soft.

Salon quality products are all available online from shampoos, conditioners, gels and hairsprays to hair treatments such as detanglers, hair masques, and repair conditioners, hair strengthening agents, colour moisturisers and hair repair rescue products. Whatever your hair needs, you can find with Just Beautifully, take home and get the results you would from a visit to your salon.

Proto-Col… for a serious change in how your skin looks!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Proto-col Collagen Capsules, Advanced Dietry, Skin care, Tanning

We at Just Beautifully are happy to introduce to you our newly launched brand


Do you want to make a serious difference to the way your skin looks?

If the answer is “Yes!” We would suggest that Proto-Col is just the answer for You!

Our reasons to believe that are obvious! Proto-col is the most advanced nutrition and wellbeing brand that is one of the fastest growing brands due to ever increasing customer knowledge and the customers’ need for a wellbeing company that says AND does.

“Proto-col likes to feel their customers are part of the company’s family – sharing and enjoying the luxurious products that give fantastic results at affordable prices!”

Something like that shows us that Proto-col is a unique health-driven company. It places huge emphasis on the use of natural ingredients, Proto-col bases its philosophy on the use of collagen, plant extracts and botanicals, that combine with the latest technology for world-class products. All of this makes for a brand that is not only green and health-conscious, but a brand that is determined to move with the ever-changing times.

With an in-depth selection of anti-ageing skin care systems, Proto-col has emerged to wide recognition across the globe, and is a favourite with a whole host of A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu, for their large array of products that rejuvenate dry, ageing skin.

Former athlete James Greenwell created the company five years ago and it was he who first saw the brilliant body benefits of collagen. From just one product in 2004, Protocol now has four different product ranges and over 70 products across the globe. These ranges are, Skin/Body Care, Supplements, Mineral Cosmetics and their newly released Tanning range!

Proto-col’s vision is to produce high quality, luxurious products at affordable prices, a vision which has seen the company’s products now sold in over 15 countries and positioned in some of the World’s most prestigious outlets, such as Harrods in London and Harvey Nichols in Dubai.

This mainly is the reason we are glad to have this prestigious brand of its caliber as part of our range of brands at Just Beautifully!


To view our whole range of Proto-col products click here.


De-stress with home massage

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

We have all yearned for a massage at some time in our lives, and because we work day in and day out, were not able to get one. Now you can have one anytime of the day or night with a .

HoMedics offer a choice of massagers, one is the Atom Massager designed for the back and as it is portable, you can take it to work or even on holiday if you want. It has three vibrating heads and with the hand held tool instantly relieves back aches. It is perfect for a quick way to reduce stress after a hard day at work.

HoMedics also offer a Percussion Heat Massager which eases muscles pains, it targets all areas of muscular tension with its percussion action and includes four attachments for soft, medium, firm and heated applications. Again it is portable and lightweight and can be used either with or without the heat attachment. It can be used safely for people of all ages.

A product which HoMedics offer is the Adjustable Massager that uses a unique dual massage mechanism which consists of deep kneading Shiatsu and Rolling massaging action to relieve painful tension. This is the ultimate massager, it is designed to be placed on a chair, when sat on it provides six massage programmes and its dual massage mechanisms travel up and down your back. It can be custom fitted to suit your body and is easily attached to most chairs, it can even be used at the office, relaxing tight muscles, eliminating stress and fatigue.

Colour your face beautiful

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

The secret to a beautiful face is a blemish free, even skin texture, but unfortunately not all women are blessed with this attribute and for them it is necessary to apply foundation to achieve this. One very easy to apply product is the Whipped Foundation Mousse to Powder and which has been designed for women who have normal type of skin – neither dry nor greasy.

It is oil free and wont clog your pores and it glides on evenly and easily. It is also packed full of vitamins for the skin. It gives your skin sheer cover and is available in 4 matte shades, yet it is long lasting and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for your make up regime.

Even good skin needs some extra concealing at times, and when your foundation is applied together with a Concealer Stick, the resulting look will be a flawless skin. A Concealer Stick is your weapon against blemishes peeking there way through your foundation, but it does more than that, it will also conceal dark circles under your eyes and nobody will even suspect that you stayed up late the previous evening. It is not greasy or thick and when gently rubbed into the skin will result in a perfect blend.

Shimmer Powder on your cheeks and brow will complete your look and this product comes with its own built in brush. The shimmer is held in the main barrel and is released through the brush with just a click. It has a protective cap which keeps the brush clean and tidy and allows you to carry it around with you wherever you go without the worry of spills.

Close the door – the world can wait

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

After a long day or week, we all need some pampering! What better way than a Zen Spa experience, in the privacy of your home. Shut the door, put on a favourite CD and start pampering! A Zen Spa Pedicure will provide you with not only a body pampering experience but also a mind treatment, leaving you relaxed and ready to face the world again.

Zen Spa Pedicure comes in a luxurious kit which provides everything you need and whether you are indulging yourself or treating your friends, your investment will pay dividends because the art of Zen lies in ancient Eastern practices which are all about natural products such as Aloe and Fruit Acids as well as vitamins for the skin and natural Sea Salt

First start with a foot soaking bath packed full of citrus extracts that are designed to revitalise your skin at the same time softening your cuticles for easy removal. A foot scrub comes next; this scrub will exfoliate your skin which will allow you to remove any rough spots, all thanks to the help of sea salts which buff your skin naturally.

Once your feet are buffed and glowing, you can then apply a revitalising citrus soufflé. What this does is it gets rid of all that old skin, preparing your new skin for the cooling and softening effects of a ginger masque that is designed to boost your skin at a cellular level, leaving your skin soft and your mind, body and soul refreshed and ready to face the world again.

Bathroom Cabinet Beauty Basics

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Your basic bathroom needs are your toiletries. These are the things you need to invest in before you think of any other skin and beauty care products. Stocking your toiletries bag or cabinet correctly can do your personal grooming the world of good.

Do you know what you really need and what you should kick to the curb? If not, then take some time to get to know your basic grooming needs and identify those products that meet them. Any products you buy should offer you quality for your money, not merely quantity. Getting more of what isn’t really doing anything for you is not going to help. Getting what is good for you will do the trick better.

Check out our range and pick products which match your needs – that being your skin type and your lifestyle. We stock a wide range of products which are specifically designed for sensitive skin too. From soaps and hand lotions to exfoliating scrubs and scented bath oils, we can provide everything you need from the basics to the truly decadent pampering.

Just Beautifully want to keep you looking at feeling at your best with our bodycare and skincare products by the top names in the business.

Beautiful sunkissed skin

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Sunbathing isn’t possible all year round in the UK, neither is it advisable without adequate sun protection, so the answer to this is to ‘self tan’.

There are different products to suit most people and all skin types. But we all know how they can stain our hands, a sure way to tell that your tan is not ‘real’. So, why not try a self tan applicator which comes in the form of a mitt. The mitt has a foam surface which allows you to apply your self tan thinly and evenly so that the result is a blotch and streak free, smooth finish when massaged into your skin.

Before applying a self tan product it is imperative that the surface of your skin is smooth as this will ensure the end result is smooth and even. Body polish exfoliators are available to help with this important ‘pre-tanning’ step. They contain micro beads that will not damage your skin, but will leave your skin fresh, clean and soft.

A great product is one that slowly builds a subtle overall tan. This product goes on as a cream which contains only a touch of self tan, but the result is radiant and healthy looking. Used all year long, your skin will look as if you were born with the tan. It also contains extracts of Aloe so each time you apply it, you are also moisturising your skin.

A very helpful product is the instant tanning spray which helps even out stretch marks and hides previous tan lines for that special strapless outfit. This product is not a self tanning lotion, but is designed to be applied when necessary and then washed off completely.

GHD Rare Limited Edition Hair Irons…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

GHD IV Limited Edition Rare, on time for Summer!

GHD Rare Limited Edition, New Limited Edition

Here at Just Beautfiully we are glad to be introducing to you the latest and finest Limited Edition Gift-Set from GHD!

The Limited Edition GHD Rare is now available and it looks like it is going to continue with the successes of the ghd straighteners family. Inspired by the catwalk creations of on-trend designers, the latest addition to the GHD Limited Edition collection captures the essence of 2009’s hottest trend ‘jungle chic’. Including the seductive black gloss ghd IV styler with subtle glistening plates, GHD carry case, and glamorous leopard print heat resistant styler pouch, we have good reasons to believe that ‘RARE’ is the Limited Edition everyone will want to get their hands on this season.

Features of the New GHD IV styler:

  • Rounder barrel – easily create curls, waves, flicks & the perfect straight.
  • Sleep mode – heaters switch off if left unattended for 30 minutes.
  • Universal voltage – optimum performance wherever you travel.
  • Unique digital technology – improved temperature control for better styling.
  • Advanced ceramic heaters and aluminium plates – provide the ultimate surface for static-free shine.

As soon as the first GHD ‘RARE’ came through to us in it’s elegant box, it was hard resisting not oppening and checking the content. Straight away we all knew that it had made a great “first impression”. It was obvious why, as all the Limited Edition GHD RARE IV Styler looked so sleek and sophisticated that simply made it stand out! It looked like a chic, modern update of the best selling GHD IV Styler, with flattering gold text and golden plates. Also as with the IV Styler, it included inructional and product booklets and a ‘How to use your GHD Styler’ DVD.

The Leopard print heat-resistant Styler pouch (inspired by the 2009s hottest trend ‘jungle chic’) fits snugly inside the finely-finished carry case and serves perfectly as an accessory to the brand new GHD Styler.

Overall we believe that this is a GHD with a “Special Edge” to it. It works just as well as its predecessors, but with its finer controls, superb presentation and with advanced technology it’s clear why this is the latest world-leading hair straightener from GHD!

You can find the full range of GHD products here
You can find the New GHD Rare here

Anti-aging effects with skin care accessories

Monday, May 18th, 2009

When people meet you for the first time they can tell a lot about you just by looking at your skin. Some women start looking after their skin at an early age, sometimes as early as their teens, but it is never too late to start taking care of the skin that you have. Love the skin you have and take care of is so that it will take care of you too.

Let your age be a surprise

Many skin care products today are designed with women in mind and everybody knows how we hate getting older – or at least looking older. That is why so many of the skin care products available aim to help women stay looking younger for longer. Although you can’t turn back time in the real world, Just Beautifully stock a range of top quality skin care products such as moisturisers and make up removers which are a real treat for your face and can help your skin stay supple and soft. We also offer a wide range of whole body skincare products for the bath and shower, to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and invigorate your whole self.

The works

When it comes to caring for your skin, you need to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on the small things. Caring for your skin means caring for the whole you, this means from head to toe and not just your face. Make caring for your skin part of your daily “me time”, take the time to pamper yourself and enjoy how it feels to look after your skin. Once every now and then treat yourself to a spa day at home with the works and enjoy it with a friend, a good book or a glass of good wine but whatever you do, relish the skin you are in.

Beautiful hands complete the look

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Our hands are constantly on show. We use them for everyday tasks and chores. Some, more than others, use their hands as an extension of their conversation, and for most people, hands are important in how we greet people. It is vital that we make the most of them.

For a lot of women long nails are important, yet some find it almost impossible to attain. There is hope though and it comes in the form of artificial or acrylic nails. Artificial nails are easy to apply and once painted and sculpted, are a great source of pleasure and can last for some time.

Artificial nails today are made of the highest quality ABS clear plastic which lends itself perfectly to nail art as well as everyday nail varnish colours.

Keeping your acrylic nails in tip top shape may entail removing one at some time or another and there are products designed to do this. These products usually consist of a nail bath which soaks off a nail while offering the added benefit of giving your hands an oil treatment. The kit includes a bath designed for ease of use as it is constructed in a way which allows only your nails to be submerged in the solution while at the same time the lid reduces any possibility of inhalation of vapours. The end result is a fast and clean removal.

Part of any woman’s nail beauty regime should be a manicure kit which consists of a cuticle remover, cuticle massage cream and hand scrub as well as hand cream and non acetone nail varnish remover. These products greatly aid the care of your hands, keeping them smooth and soft.

Easy, Healthy Tanning

Friday, May 15th, 2009

A healthy, natural glow is what everybody wants when they think of a tan. Whether you are after that natural Greek goddess look or just want to add a little colour, a fake tan can work wonders. The trick is to have it look healthy and natural instead of tangerine orange and plastic.

Cheap self-tanning sprays and lotions that leave your hands orange and you looking like a streaky carrot are not the only options fortunately. What about something high quality which is more gentle and gradual?

Loving St. Tropez

There are products on the market that offer you a gradual tan all year round without risking looking like a Barbie doll covered in carrot orange paint. Why not give slow self-tanning moisturisers a try? St Tropez offers safe and reliable self-tanning products for those seeking a great and constant tan. You can choose the Everyday Face Tan Building moisturiser or the version for your body, tailored according to your skin tone.

They come in a choice of fair to medium and medium to dark skin. These self tanning moisturisers slowly build up your tan over a short time period. You therefore don’t sit with a fake looking orange tan which appeared overnight and can look streaky too.

Another perk of this form of tanning is that it is constant. Your tan never has to fade out as you can apply the moisturiser every day to gradually keep adding a light natural looking bronze tone over time.

These self tanning products are great for those who are starting out with self tanning and don’t want to jump in head first. Safe, easy and mess free, what more could a girl ask for?

Make it up

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Gifts are often a tricky thing to buy and you never really know if you have made the right choice, never mind the perfect one. Often a great option when buying for women is to treat them to luxury beauty items which they might not splash out on otherwise.

Body care accessories and products are also a great option as gifts. They never go to waste, even if they are a stock standard gifting idea. One thing that almost every woman loves is makeup. Makeup in all its various forms, shapes, sizes and colours makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Setting things straight

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, a get well soon gift, an apology gift or a gift to make up after a fight, cosmetics are a great option. Listen to your lady fiend or love to get an idea of what she likes and then set out to choose the perfect makeup gift. Luscious lipsticks from Barry M Cosmetics or Tigi Bedhead Cosmetics are sure to thrill any lipstick lover. If she is a glossy girl why not try products from Bodyography Cosmetics.

If eyes are more her thing, why not indulge her in something from a range of Tigi Bedhead or Bodyography eye shadows. Mascara is something every girl needs, but the idea is to spoil her instead by giving her something that she maybe wouldn’t treat herself to normally.

A cosmetics gift will go a long way with any lady so go the extra mile and offer her a top quality gift. Choose only the best cosmetics brand you can afford and wow her with your thoughtfulness.

Taming the Tan

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Everyone wants the healthy and beautiful golden glow from a natural tan. The only problem is that not everyone can achieve that idyllic bronzed look. The other problem is that self tanning and tanning at salons can leave you with a plastic looking tan that is more orange than sunkissed.

Plastic is not what you want to achieve; you want it to look natural. Why not get your facts straight about which tanning products to use and which to give a wide berth? Knowledge is your best ally when it comes to the perfect self tan.

He-Shi and all the rest of us

He-Shi offer an assortment of fantastic self tanning product that make getting that bronzed beach body so much easier. He-Shi offer a full, pre, during and post tanning range, beginning with their lucsious exfoliating body wash. This gets the skin soft and smooth and prepares you for the tanning treatment. It smells beautiful and feels luxurious on your skin, leaving you buffed and polished, ready to get your bronze on.

He-Shi Express self tanning lotion does a great job without that plastic look. Leaving your face out of the equation just won’t work so He-She quick and easy facial tanning gel is just what you need next for a full-body, streak free look.

If you don’t want to be left with over-tanned hands as evidence of your self tanning efforts then try He-Shi tanning mitts. Lastly you need to look after your skin after applying your tan. He-Shi quick and easy soufflé moisturiser will take care of your skin and your tan to leave you looking and feeling great.

The right soap suds

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Have you ever caught yourself washing your face with your average bath soap? No doubt you noticed the aftermath of that bad decision. Bath soap is not facial soap and as such you should not be using it on your face. Women have a more heightened sense of skin care than most men do. However that does not mean that you can hide behind your male ignorance about proper skin care.

Men need to look after their skin just as well as women do. American Crew provides the modern man with a great selection of products to keep their personal grooming in tiptop shape and flawless. So you have no excuse to plead ignorance or that there are no manly products on the market.

American Crew

Ordinary bath soaps can strip your delicate facial skin of its oils and moisture. This can leave your face feeling dry, rough and sore. It can also leave you with unsightly red patches and itching or stinging. Bath soap was not meant to be used on your face so put it down and start using a proper facial soap. American Crew’s protective facial soap bar is just what you need.

It is especially formulated to be gentle yet cleansing on your face without damaging your skin. This soap is even enriched with vitamin E so that it puts back the much needed moisture that your skin craves. The wet and cold UK weather can wreak havoc on your skin. This makes it imperative to do all you can as a proud man to look after your skin. She’ll thank you for it!

Miss Great Britain 2009 Awards

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Miss Great Britain 2009 sponsored by Vibe hair irons

Just Beautifully were fortunate recipients of an invite to the Miss Great Britain 2009 awards at the Cafe de Paris, London, on Tuesday night.

Attended by a whole host of celebrities and industry experts, the illustrious event was sponsored by Hair Tools Vibe Hair irons, who made a positive impression on all. Each beauty contestant wore sashes with ‘feel the vibe’ slogans on, while the big banners posters and R Kelly’s ‘You got that vibe’ made sure everyone left the place knowing more about Hair Tools Vibe Hair irons!

Sitting alongside the likes of Lucy Pinder, Paul Gascoigne, Michelle Marsh, Gary Lucy and Carlotn Cole, was Just Beautifully’s Managing Director, who thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment on show. His money was placed on Miss Newquay according to sources.

‘It was a fantastic night at a lovely venue with hosts who were great fun and contestants who were a real laugh. The Vibe straighteners were mentioned so many times and I think it’s great they sponsored the event, as many more people will now know about these great straighteners. I really hope to go next year too’ he said.

Comprising 12 contestants and a celebrity-strong judging panel including Simon Webbe and Coronation Street’s Nikki Sanderson, the prestigious crown was won by Miss Newcastle, 23-year-old Sophie Gradon, who will now go on to compete in the upcoming Miss Universe finals.

Hair Tools Vibe Miss Great Britain 2009 Sponsors


Update: To read more information about Hair Tools’ VIBE and Miss Great Britain 2009 click here.


Waxing Woes

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

For most women, body hair is very much an unwanted part of everyday life. Whilst men can be as hairy as they like, women, on the other hand, are expected to be the human version of a Mexican hairless. Unfair but true.

This is why waxing becomes the life-long partner and friend of many women the world over. There are many misconceptions about waxing, and if not done properly it can be an unwelcome experience, but fortunately there is no need to get things wrong when such great waxing products are available to make life easier.

Out with the hair and in with the smooth

Waxing kits are here to save the day and form part of your army of useful body care accessories. Waxing at home is made much easier by using waxing kits which contain everything you need to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and simply. The great thing about waxing is that results can last up to 6 weeks – which makes waxing great for holidays so you don’t have to worry about taking a razor with you.

Hive of Beauty, Babyliss and Clean and Easy supply full kits for all your waxing needs. Some waxing kits such as one of the Gigi waxing kits even supply a “how to” DVD to help first timers along.

Aspiring home hairdressers

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Making a name for yourself as a talented hairdresser is a dream that takes a lot of dedication and work. Many people do their training and start off in their spare time working at home and as a mobile hairdresser until they can get their dream rolling.

Bring it home

Starting out small and at home is often a great way to break yourself into a part time passion indulgence. That way you don’t put your livelihood at risk, but you can still keep practicing and getting better whilst earning some extra cash. Why not start out by making a name for yourself among friends and family?

Kit yourself out with Wahl Academy accessories for hair care and styling. Add some style by throwing in a Kodo hair cutting gown for the grown ups and a Disney hair cutting gown for the kiddies. Build up your arsenal of hair care accessories and styling gadgets with quality brands to get the best results possible and help the good word about you to spread through word of mouth.

Why not try products by Babyliss, American Crew, Coroiliss and Hair Tools to help you get the job done to the highest standard? The better your tools, the greater the chance you have of making a big impression with your cuts and styles and your hairdressing dream can become a reality.

No matter what, you can have great hair

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Everyone dreams about having great hair every day. Everyone wants luscious locks and touchable tresses that draw attention wherever they go. Unfortunately not everyone is born with perfect hair genes. Quite the opposite; many, if not most, people are born with average, difficult or simply unmanageable hair genes.

This is where modern technology, lotions and potions and a ‘hairy’-godmother steps in to save the day. Hair products from Just Beautifully are possibly the easiest way to get a good hair day.

Making miracles come true

Your hairy-godmother comes to you in the form of Sexy Hair styling and hair care products for that sexy and touchable hair every woman dreams of. Sexy Hair brings women of all hair lengths and types salvation from bad hair days and unruly tresses. Tame the beast so that you look like the sex-kitten you really are. Sexy Hair brings you just that, sexy hair.

You will find products to nourish and look after your hair as well as something to cure your frizzy, big, small, curly, course, long, short or dull hair. Sexy Hair offers women a chance to embrace their locks instead of trying to hide them away – whatever Mother Nature gave you.

Try any one of their numerous product for great results. Why not give the frizz eliminator a try for smooth and silky results? Or perhaps you want that touchable salon hair that your man loves to run his fingers through?
The Sexy Hair range of high quality products are just what you need to have great hair every time. Relaxers, hair holding balms and much, much more are available from the brand that delivers truly Sexy Hair.

Glam it up with Swarovski hair straighteners

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Beauty care and personal grooming can take you far in this day and age. Every girl can have that product to make her look and feel great on date night. Every princess can have that hair straightener her heart is set on. And every woman can glam her life up with Swarovski crystal hair straighteners. You can find your Swarovski encrusted addition to your hair care army on our website and straighten your hair with style.

“Bling” it straight

Hair straighteners are products many women have in their styling arsenal these days and they are becoming as common as lipstick or shoes in a woman’s life. We can have our pick of dozens of different brands and hundreds of different styles and types. If your fashion taste runs towards the flashy and glamorous side of life, you have great choices. There is now this stunning pair of straighteners to fit the bill.

Corioliss provides us with Swarovski encrusted hair straighteners that are simply gorgeous. This Corioliss creation combines a top quality product with beauty and style that we all deserve. Go on, splash out on this sparkly creation from Corioliss and add glamour to your life. They are unique and totally worth every penny.

The Low-Down on Babyliss Pro 230 Radiance Ionic Steam Straighteners

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

We were sent a Babyliss Pro 230 Radiance Straightener to test, and are rather stunned, the results…. read on…At first we thought the Babyliss Radiance straighteners were going to be a bit of a gimmick, with loads of features that wont ever be used, however, we were wrong. Many straighteners hit the market and disappear rapidly, personally, i think this is here to stay.

Since 1960 Babyliss has been creating some of the most appealing, effective and affordable home beauty appliances and accessories. The most modern and recent of all the Babyliss products to be released is the Pro 230 Radiance Straightener. Fast to heat up, the Radiance 230 offers longer lasting style for hair of any type and condition, in fact BaByliss state that the Pro 230 Radiance “gives straightness that lasts twice as long!”.

There are quite alot of features, which at first look are a little confusing, but infact they all have their own genuine purpose, and add to the great results given by the straightener.

Here at Just Beautifully we have seen our fair share of Hair Straighteners from many different brands, but not very often do we see a straightnener this different since GHD was first launced…

Babyliss Pro 230 Radiance Straighteners with Ionic Steam

Included with the straighteners is a luxury storage pouch and a heat resistant mat, which can be wrapped around the straighteners whilst they are still hot. This makes the straightener really easy to take with you even if you have just finished using them, and the ideal travelling companion or for any girl on the move.

The easy heat settings with the digital screen along with the retractable comb fins help ensure that your straightened hair looks salon fresh, not only that but it has been proven to last twice as long as with other hair straighteners on the market. By following the guidelines you won’t damage your hair no matter how fine or thick it is but you will be able to make it look great like you just left the salon.

The Pro 230 Radiance hair straighteners are the latest and most advanced hair straighteners in the Pro 230 range, a range that comes highly recommended by many professional hairdressers around the world.

The features stated by Babyliss are as follows:

  • Break Through Cera-Heat straightening technology uses supercharged heating system to give salon straightness for twice as long.
  • Ionic Steam enhances the hair condition and eliminates frizz for a high shine finish.
  • Retractable de-tangling fins give a professional combing effect for extra-effective straightening.
  • Up to 230°C with extra fast heat up time – Salon temperature performance.
  • Luxury Heat Protection Mat and storage pouch
  • 4 Easy Grip Sectioning Clips
  • 3m salon type swivel cord
  • Ceramic-titanium plates for ultimate smoothness and results
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Basically the Babyliss Radiance straighteners seem to be a very well thought out straightener, that gets very hot, very quickly that has a ionic steam feature that helps to keep your hair straighter for longer. It is quite aparent that it works on the same principle that a normal clothes iron does, with the steam turned on, it not only removes static electricity but helps to flatten and straighten with much less effort.

Our Verdict: Thumbs Up!

Thumbs up from Just Beautifully

Your straighteners can make or break your hair

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

When people say that something is a make or break situation they usually man that the situation is very serious. Choosing and using the correct hair straighteners is just such a situation. If you are looking to buy a new pair or want to invest in your first, it is important to remember that good quality hair straighteners can create great hair when used properly.

You start by doing some homework about adding hair straighteners to your collection of hair care accessories. Reading online user reviews is a great way to find out how well a particular model is perceived by other customers and helps you find the best pair for your kind of hair and style.

Straight but versatile

Hair straighteners have one primary function and that is to straighten and smooth out your unruly locks and tresses. However that is not all that your straighteners can do for your hair. Depending on what type, size, style and brand of straighteners you purchase, you can get a lot of versatility from your trusty hair straightening irons. It is important to choose the right straighteners according to your hair type, length and what you need it for.

But, never, ever, forget how important it is to invest in a top quality brand straightener. A top quality brand of hair straighteners like those from Corioliss is a great choice. The better the quality of the product, the better the service and results you will get. Anyone who has used cheaper imitation versions of the well known brands will tell you that it is a false economy and their cheaper straighteners don’t perform nearly as well, they seem to break or fail much more easily and need replacing often.

It is all finding products which don’t cost the earth but keep you looking great. Corioliss has a wide range or top notch hair straighteners for you to choose from. Corioliss straighteners make it easy to choose right.

Tea tree for acne and problem skin

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Acne and similar skin issues are something that many teenagers go through and grow out of. With acne you also have the extremes; some people never see a pimple in their lives. Others are not so lucky. What’s even worse is that not all of us grow out of our facial skin issues after we hit adulthood. Adult acne is something many men and women have to put up with. More adult men have to cope with acne than women; this is because of their testosterone levels.

Skin care accessories and products can really help treat and manage acne in both adults and teens.

Soothing acne aches of all kinds

Finding grooming products for an acne skin as an adult can prove to be challenging. You need to find something the does not irritate your skin first of all. Secondly you need to find something which is easy to use and will complement the rest of your skincare and personal grooming routine. This can be costly and difficult as there are many self proclaimed miracle products available. However, there is one product known to soothe and help fight against acne.

Tea tree oil is known to help with acne as it helps remove the bacteria that cause the condition. American Crew has a range of men’s personal grooming products that contain tea tree oil that will help calm your acne while leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Men – Jazz up your style

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

More and more men these days are making skin and hair care a bigger concern than it has been traditionally. No longer do men have to stick to the basics when looking after themselves because there are now a huge variety of men’s grooming products available.

Many men have discovered the benefits of a good moisturiser and the difference it can make to their skin, and these kind of products are no longer a no-go area for men – they just take care of the way that they look and the health of their skin. Harsh generic soap and water alone just doesn’t cut it these days for many.

Why not jazz up your daily grooming with products like those from the American Crew range?

The American Crew grooming range for men has a wide variety of products for all your personal grooming needs. Their high quality facial soap brings modern advancements in skincare to this traditional looking product, its cleansing and moisturising properties looking after your skin whilst its subtle masculine scent helps you to feel on top form all day.

With everything from shampoo and shower gel, to pre and post shaving care and hair styling products, American Crew has everything that a man needs to look and feel his best.

Go green with your beauty

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The world has turned its attention to all things green. That means taking care of our environment as best we can. Often going green means making the right choices about everything in your life and that can become a challenge. Let’s face it; our lives are so jam-packed with angles and aspects that it takes a huge effort to go completely green. That is why so many people start small and do what they can.

Going green by changing the way you view your beauty care accessories and personal grooming is easier and less painful than you may think. You just need to think smart and look for the ways to go green.

Greening it

One way to go green when it comes to your personal grooming program is to simply change your hair dryer. The Babyliss eco dryer is your perfect hair drying chance to go green. This Babyliss eco energy saving hair dryer can offer you the power of a 2000W dryer, but the best part is that it only uses half that in energy consumption. This doesn’t only help the environment, but helps your electricity bill too!

Saving energy might seem like a tiny contribution to our eco plight, but every ounce of effort makes a difference when it is all added up. When you purchase the Babyliss eco friendly hair dryer, you can have full peace of mind that this little gadget is helping as part of the bigger picture. Even the packaging is green and eco friendly to reduce pollution and natural resources consumption.

High and dry

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Drying your hair may seem like a trivial part of your personal grooming routine, but it can greatly affect how manageable your hair is. It can definitely determine whether you have a “good hair day” or not.

The choice of hairdryers available on our site makes finding and purchasing that perfect hair dryer a doddle. The right hair dryer is more than simply a hair dryer, because the right one for you needs to be right for your type of hair.

Drying off

Hair dryers come in all shapes and sizes. Some comes with extra attachments, such as diffusers, to enhance their performance for creating different styles as you dry. Others come with different settings and functions. Everything about the design and function of a hair dryer is purposefully that way to provide the best results. The make and model of hairdryer you choose depends on the things that you need it to do to ensure you can style your hair as you want.

Brands like Babyliss, Parlux, T3 and ETI produce top quality hair driers which can meet the hair needs of most people. If your hair dryer does not cater to the specific needs of your styling, hair length and type, you could end up damaging your hair or just not be able to create the look that you want. Having the right hairdryer for you can help your hair to stay healthy and looking its best.

Another plus to consider when buying a Babyliss, Parlux, T3 or ETI hair driers is that these items are of a high build quality. They will provide you with long term and reliable service.