Taming the Tan

Everyone wants the healthy and beautiful golden glow from a natural tan. The only problem is that not everyone can achieve that idyllic bronzed look. The other problem is that self tanning and tanning at salons can leave you with a plastic looking tan that is more orange than sunkissed.

Plastic is not what you want to achieve; you want it to look natural. Why not get your facts straight about which tanning products to use and which to give a wide berth? Knowledge is your best ally when it comes to the perfect self tan.

He-Shi and all the rest of us

He-Shi offer an assortment of fantastic self tanning product that make getting that bronzed beach body so much easier. He-Shi offer a full, pre, during and post tanning range, beginning with their lucsious exfoliating body wash. This gets the skin soft and smooth and prepares you for the tanning treatment. It smells beautiful and feels luxurious on your skin, leaving you buffed and polished, ready to get your bronze on.

He-Shi Express self tanning lotion does a great job without that plastic look. Leaving your face out of the equation just won’t work so He-She quick and easy facial tanning gel is just what you need next for a full-body, streak free look.

If you don’t want to be left with over-tanned hands as evidence of your self tanning efforts then try He-Shi tanning mitts. Lastly you need to look after your skin after applying your tan. He-Shi quick and easy soufflé moisturiser will take care of your skin and your tan to leave you looking and feeling great.

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