Beautiful sunkissed skin

Sunbathing isn’t possible all year round in the UK, neither is it advisable without adequate sun protection, so the answer to this is to ‘self tan’.

There are different products to suit most people and all skin types. But we all know how they can stain our hands, a sure way to tell that your tan is not ‘real’. So, why not try a self tan applicator which comes in the form of a mitt. The mitt has a foam surface which allows you to apply your self tan thinly and evenly so that the result is a blotch and streak free, smooth finish when massaged into your skin.

Before applying a self tan product it is imperative that the surface of your skin is smooth as this will ensure the end result is smooth and even. Body polish exfoliators are available to help with this important ‘pre-tanning’ step. They contain micro beads that will not damage your skin, but will leave your skin fresh, clean and soft.

A great product is one that slowly builds a subtle overall tan. This product goes on as a cream which contains only a touch of self tan, but the result is radiant and healthy looking. Used all year long, your skin will look as if you were born with the tan. It also contains extracts of Aloe so each time you apply it, you are also moisturising your skin.

A very helpful product is the instant tanning spray which helps even out stretch marks and hides previous tan lines for that special strapless outfit. This product is not a self tanning lotion, but is designed to be applied when necessary and then washed off completely.

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