Close the door – the world can wait

After a long day or week, we all need some pampering! What better way than a Zen Spa experience, in the privacy of your home. Shut the door, put on a favourite CD and start pampering! A Zen Spa Pedicure will provide you with not only a body pampering experience but also a mind treatment, leaving you relaxed and ready to face the world again.

Zen Spa Pedicure comes in a luxurious kit which provides everything you need and whether you are indulging yourself or treating your friends, your investment will pay dividends because the art of Zen lies in ancient Eastern practices which are all about natural products such as Aloe and Fruit Acids as well as vitamins for the skin and natural Sea Salt

First start with a foot soaking bath packed full of citrus extracts that are designed to revitalise your skin at the same time softening your cuticles for easy removal. A foot scrub comes next; this scrub will exfoliate your skin which will allow you to remove any rough spots, all thanks to the help of sea salts which buff your skin naturally.

Once your feet are buffed and glowing, you can then apply a revitalising citrus soufflé. What this does is it gets rid of all that old skin, preparing your new skin for the cooling and softening effects of a ginger masque that is designed to boost your skin at a cellular level, leaving your skin soft and your mind, body and soul refreshed and ready to face the world again.

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