Calm and relaxed babyCalm and relaxed baby

Even babies experience stress and fatigue resulting in an inability to sleep that may cause irritability for both infant and parent.

HoMedics offer a Spa Sound Machine which is designed to create a perfect sleeping environment for infants and toddlers. It emits six soothing sounds from nature including the sounds of the ocean, rain falling or a cascading waterfall amongst others which provide a soothing and tranquil setting. The sounds eliminate background noises which are distracting for an infant. These sounds help them relax and fall asleep faster, and they will ensure a deep and satisfying sleep which results in them waking feeling refreshed and well rested.

Infants are lulled to sleep by the rhythmic comforting environment it provides which is caused by the repetitive sounds of nature and can be taken with you on your travels, ensuring your trip is not compromised by an irritable infant.

HoMedics offers your baby another product called the Lullaby Sound Machine which has an added benefit of a picture projection. This machine emits soothing sounds as well as rotating images and has been designed to ease them to sleep without the stress associated with bedtime. The lullabies include the ever popular ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as well as natural sounds like that of a heartbeat, the ocean and rain while the rotating pictures projected onto the ceiling are of fish, animals, the moon and the stars.

There is an auto timer and volume and visual controls which adjust the brightness of the pictures and it is small and portable, easy to use is presented in a very attractive casing.

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