The Power Of Good Lipstick

Almost every little girl remembers their first brush with applying make-up. Mascara, blushers and foundations followed later, but lipstick came first. Remember standing in front of that mirror emulating our favourite movie star by pouting ruby red painted lips? Lipstick transformed us, we felt beautiful.

Dinner could wait, school was a distant memory and chores non existent, what was important was how we felt when we looked in that mirror and thus our fascination with lipstick began and never waned. We still need our daily ‘fix’ in order to feel fully dressed.

Lipstick has power! Lipstick can change our mood, our looks and how much attention we attract.

Tigi Bedhead lipsticks are available in a variety of stunning shades and you need never be without one in your handbag again. With colours to suit every person for every occasion, you can choose from lip crayons and joy sticks for easy application as well as the traditional lipstick form.

As Tigi say about their awesome range of lipsticks “Girls Just Want It!”

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