Heavenly feet

Birthdays come around like clockwork and often spell doomsday for the guys. Many men feel it’s just not possible to give the love of their life something different and special. No matter what they get; it’s either the wrong colour or the wrong brand, so they just give up.

So every year becomes the stock standard bottle of perfume; she smiles but it’s not a real smile. Think care accessories guys! It is really possible to give her a great and yet practical gift. Say your lady stands on her feet all day at her job; what is her biggest gripe?

Her aching feet of course. Get her a foot spa and she will croon with delight as she pampers her aching feet. Scholl, Babyliss and Homedic, to name just a few, offer huge variety in foot pampering foot spas.

Brownie points for life

A foot spa is one of those care accessories all women want, but never buy for themselves. So do it for her. The choice is incredibly varied with steam, bubbles, heat and massage options, so you are sure to get a great one. Now if you want to get brownie points for life, add to that perfect foot spa gift. Jessica Zenspa products have an unbelievable range of foot pampering products to die for.

Pack her brand new foot spa full of Zenspa products and wrap it all up with a huge red bow. This is the type of gift a woman will enjoy again and again; it’s the type of gift that keeps on giving and has huge benefits for not only her but all around her. Relaxation and pampering for her and smiles all around.

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