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Spring has most definitely sprung; and if recent balmy weather and the sound of birdsong hasn’t already inspired you to start ditching your winter woolies, then may we direct your attention to the British calendar which has officially decreed that it’s time to start stepping away from your 30 deniers and start thinking about preparing to bare.

To get you set, Just Beautifully have rounded-up home waxing products from best-selling brands such as GiGi, Rio, Hive and Babyliss to help you get soft, silky smooth skin with zero stress and save you cash by making monthly salon appointments a thing of the past.

Not sure where to start when it comes to D.I.Y de-fuzzing? Try these easy to follow tips which will help you wax like a pro:

1. DO start with your legs if you’ve never given yourself a wax before—you’ll have a good view of what your doing, and the skin is a little tougher which will help you ease your way into waxing.

2. DON’T forget to use a hydrating lotion or oil after waxing. Applying Satin Smooth by Babyliss Pro- Soothe & Hydrate After Wax Treatment, £4.95 can helps lift stray pieces of wax, while calming and moisturising your skin.

3. DO test the temperature of your wax by applying a bit to the inside of your wrists to make sure it’s a comfortable spreading temperature. Too cold and it won’t and too hot and your skin will burn. Try Clean & Easy Pot Wax Heater, £59.95 which with nine temperature settings makes it easy to maintain the perfect temperature.

5. DO soak up moisture with talcum powder like Hive of Beauty Professional Purified Talc- Pre Wax Talcum Powder, £4.95 which will helps both wax and strips adhere to your hair better.

6. DON’T pull at the hair every which way. Apply wax in the direction of your hair growth, spread on wax and press a cloth strip like Clean & Easy Wax Removal Cloth Strips, £5.95 firmly onto the wax. Leave the strip for a few seconds and remove by holding skin taut and quickly pulling it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

7. DO exfoliate before and regularly after waxing. Gently smoothing away dead skin cells using a scrub Xen Tan Body Scrub Skin Smoothing Exfoliating Mint Gel, £7.00 helps keeping hairs lifted rather than turning inwards which can lead to in-growns.

8. DON’T go over the same area more than three times–you will irritate the skin and increase your odds of ingrown hairs.

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