Oval Pumice On A Rope

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A crafted oval piece of hard wearing lava-rock - not reconstituted pumice dust - to produce a longer lasting professional product. The heavy texture on this rock makes it an attractive and popular style detail in modern natural bathrooms and spas.





What is it?

Pumice is rock, which has been thrown up from the center of the earth during volcanic eruptions.  It’s properties are defined by the way it is formed and the actual constituents of the superheated magma which bubbles up from the earths core when the volcano errupts. The pumice stone as we know it exists in two different forms.  The first is lava rock– the once-molten rock which formed the lava flow and oozed its way slowly down the side of the volcano, burning everything in its path. When this molten rock eventually cooled, it formed a layer of cinder-like rock, full of holes caused by the bubbles of escaping gas. This volcanic rock is later mined and cut into convenient sized pieces, often being used as an industrial abrasive for jobs such as polishing glass, shotblasting and even stonewashing denim. The second kind of pumice is known as arial pumice as it is formed from pieces of molten rock which are spewed out of the top of the volcano during the fiercest part of the eruption.  The energy from the pent-up gas at the earth’s core spits the molted rock into the air and ‘puffs’ it like puffed wheat. The rock cools quickly as it flies through the air and lands some distance away from the eruption.  This second kind of pumice is much lighter and has the happy quality of floating in the bath, so you can always tell if you have a piece of lava rock or a true pumice ‘stone’. There is a third form in which you find pumice, where the original rock is ground up into a powder, which is then moulded into a pre-formed shape – traditionally the easy-to hold pumice mouse.They all do an equally good job at tackling the hard skin on feet, but true fetishists could probably discuss the merits of each.




What do you do with it?

Because of its naturally abrasive qualities, pumice has been used for hundreds of years to remove hard skin on the feet. Just rub the pumice over any hard skin areas whilst in the bath or during a foot soak and watch the dead layers of skin just roll away. Pumice is also good for getting hands really clean and softening callouses after gardening too. 





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