Proto-col Advanced Nutrition, Tanning and Skin Care!

About Proto-col

Proto-col is the advanced nutrition and wellbeing brand that is one of the fastest growing brands due to ever increasing customer knowledge and the customers’ need for a wellbeing company that says AND does.

A unique health-driven company that places huge emphasis on the use of natural ingredients, Proto-col bases its philosophy on the use of collagen, plant extracts and botanicals, that combine with the latest technology for world-class products. All of this makes for a brand that is not only green and health-conscious, but a brand that is determined to move with the ever-changing times.

With an in-depth selection of anti-ageing skin care systems, Proto-col has emerged to wide recognition across the globe, and is a favourite with a whole host of A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu, for their large array of products that rejuvenate dry, ageing skin.

Former athlete James Greenwell created the company five years ago and it was he who first saw the brilliant body benefits of collagen.  From just one product in 2004, Protocol now has four different product ranges and over 70 products across the globe.

Proto-col’s vision is to produce high quality, luxurious products at affordable prices, a vision which has seen the company’s products now sold in over 15 countries and positioned in some of the World’s most prestigious outlets, such as Harrods in London and Harvey Nichols in Dubai.

Proto-col likes to feel their customers are part of the company’s family - sharing and enjoying the luxurious products that give fantastic results at affordable prices!  

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