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About Xen-Tan

Xen-Tan is the revolutionary new fake tan brand with an ever growing reputation. As provider of PREMIUM sunless tanning products, Xen-Tan has carefully developed an olive tan that lasts up to 10 days before fading gradually and naturally like any normal, holiday sun tan.  The difference is A Xen-Tan looks and wears like a suntan but without the harmful, ageing rays of the sun.

Developed to overcome all the common problems often associated with other fake tans, Xen Tan now has a selection of unique products that won’t go patchy or streaky and always smell delicious!

Xen Tan believe they have a range of products that deliver natural, instant colour with a  delicious scent from start to finish, making this the first complete tan collection to make sunless-tanning a pleasure!

Now America’s hottest A-list tanning product AND thriving worldwide, Xen-Tan knows that customer trust plays a huge part when choosing a self-tan as many people have had had disappointing experiences with fake tans in the past. Xen-Tan promises to be the one company that DOES deliver what it says on the bottle, and thereby giving you the ultimate sunless self-tanning products.

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